About us

We are a family run business, with strong family values.
The business was initially set up by Paul Carratu in 2007. Paul’s career had predominantly been in corporate intelligence and employee screening services was a complimentary addition to his ongoing ventures. In 2016, Paul retired and the business was bought by Jagriti Patwari. Jagriti is a chartered accountant by profession and her skills from working in a highly regulated profession have been put to good use in the employee screening business.

Meet the team


Jagriti Patwari

Main focus – Business strategy, business development and service development

Operations Director

Laura Clark-Withers

Main focus – Ensuring that the office runs so that everyone can do their jobs

Senior DBS Analyst

Lindsey Gear

Main focus –Processing DBS checks, advising clients on DBS regulations

Senior Executive

Naresh Patwari

Main focus – Finance

Candidate and client experience agent

Anu de Silva

Main focus – DBS checks

Senior Screening Analyst

Will Cooper

Main focus – Screening employees, advising clients on levels of screening

Compliance and Customer Service Manager

Orsi Mihaly

Main focus – Ensuring excellent customer service, compliance with internal policies and external regulations